X-Men ’97 Gets New Merch Spotlighting Main Characters in Disney+ Series

The nostalgia-fueled train is powering ahead with full steam as the entertainment giant, Disney, gears up to launch the much-awaited X-Men ‘97, a splendid continuation of the original X-Men: The Animated Series that graced our television screens in the golden years of the ’90s. Serving as a beacon of joy for enthusiasts who grew up with the original series, this reboot promises to blend old and new elements seamlessly. The core of the X-Men ’97 rests on the cherished memories of many, as it revives an era characterized by fearless heroes and layered narratives. To further ignite the flame of excitement, it has been confirmed that several members of the original voice cast are reprising their roles, linking the past and present in a heartwarming reunion of iconic characters.

​ X-Men ’97 hypes the upcoming season by getting new merch for 11 key characters.