Why the Female-Led Expendables Spin-Off Never Happened

The Expendables 4 is preparing to hit theaters and bring this action movie franchise back to the big screen after nearly a decade of hibernation. Such news will make Lionsgate and Millennium Films investors around the world shriek with glee while the rest of the moviegoing populace puzzles over why on Earth this is coming back now. If the project does cross anyone’s mind, they’re likely to wonder if Hollywood really can’t think of a better way to utilize Megan Fox than this. Like it or not, The Expendables 4 is bringing this action movie saga back on the pop culture radar. In the middle of this inevitable scenario, let’s turn to an element that’s always incredibly interesting: women. In this case, it’s intriguing to remember that The Expendables franchise was once set to expand beyond Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and friends to include a spin-off entitled The ExpendaBelles.

​ With The Expendables 4 hitting theaters soon, we look back at the female-led franchise spin-off that never happened, The ExpendaBelles.