This Glen Powell ‘Hit Man’ Costume Is Richard Linklater’s Favorite

The words hit man usually invoke the name Agent 47, the bald globe-trotting professional assassin with a bar code on the back of his head from the hit Hitman game franchise. At this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, however, Richard Linklater‘s true-crime comedy Hit Man instead focuses on Glen Powell who plays Gary Johnson, a cop going undercover as a highly sought-after hitman and catching his would-be hirers. One key similarity between Gary and 47, however, is their love of different disguises. At Collider’s TIFF media studio at the Cinema Center at MARBL, Linklater sat down with Steve Weintraub to discuss the many bizarre costumes the Top Gun: Maverick star dons throughout the film’s runtime.

​ Richard Linklater discussed the various costumes worn by Glen Powell in his new action comedy Hit Man and shared his personal favorite. 

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