‘The Royal Hotel’ Review — Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick Take a Trip

When two friends decide to go on a backpacking journey, the last place they expect to end up is in the middle of nowhere as bartenders serving the most women-thirsty and deranged men in town. Yet this is what Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick‘s Liv and Hanna, two Canadian friends looking to visit Australia and make a few bucks along the way, must endure in The Royal Hotel. This film directed by Kitty Green, who has previously worked with Garner in the MeToo-inspired The Assistant, is filled with tension and distress as these two friends slowly become a pair of fresh meat in the eyes of the local bar clientele.

​ Kitty Green’s latest feminist thriller The Royal Hotel, starring Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick, is chilling. Read on for our review. 

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