‘The Irrational’ – Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know

Crime procedurals might have been a bigger deal in the 90s and 2000s than they are today, but the genre remains a fan favorite and continues to grow. The new NBC series The Irrational cashes in on that popularity but adds a fresh flavor of looking at crimes and criminal intent through the eyes of a professor. Based on the nonfiction book Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely, the investigative thriller series is created by Arika Mittman for NBC. The plot of The Irrational follows Alec Mercer, a professor of behavioral science at the fictional Wylton University in Washington D.C. He uses his exceptional ability to read people and use his methods of understanding their behavior from deep within to solve the crimes they commit (or are accused of committing). This makes him a sought-after consultant by law enforcement agencies to help them on high-stakes cases. His unconventional but brilliant methods and insights lead him and his team through a series of complex, puzzling crimes and unexpected outcomes. But soon he meets his match and finds it challenging to predict their behavior.

​ Your guide to the NBC crime procedural The Irrational, with all the details revealed so far including the release date, trailers, and more.