The Equalizer: Every Movie and TV Show in the Franchise, Ranked

It’s all about franchising, they say. On both the big and small screen, if a concept works, don’t be surprised if it resurfaces in some form or another later in life. Source material like Watchmen and the more conventional superhero comics are just a couple examples of Hollywood capitalizing on high-profile adaptations. But you don’t have to don a cape to make your character last in Tinseltown. Currently in theaters is a third film in The Equalizer franchise from star Denzel Washington and director/frequent collaborator Antoine Fuqua. Their gritty, hard-R-rated action films are about a former government assassin, who is lured back into the bone-crushing game to protect the good guys.

​ Denzel Washington and Queen Latifah have played the titular role in various reimaginings of The Equalizer. We have them all in one place, ranked.