The Best Scary Movies of All Time, Ranked

Everyone loves a good horror movie now and then. Whether it’s to revel in excessive practical effects or feel that familiar tingle in our spine, there’s a horror movie for just about every mood. But between horror comedies and even horror-themed romances, there’s one thing the genre does best: delivering scares. Sometimes, all you need out of a horror movie is a good scare. Ever since the genre’s inception, tales of the macabre, stories of the supernatural, and all other kinds of paranormal happenings have made us cower behind our couches and sleep with nightlights on. But with so many horror movies available at our fingertips, how can we find a movie that’s guaranteed to chill our blood?

​ There’s a difference between “best” and “scariest,” and while it’s all subjective, we think these are the all-time best scary movies. 

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