The Best Movies About Cannibals, Ranked

Horror movies push the envelope as it folds the letter of our minds. The genre delivers us our darkest fears and twisted realities with writings on the wall, ransom notes, and open threats of doom. Acts are done in the shadows by silent killers holding their tongues, waiting for the right moment to strike. Loud or hush, horror finds its way into personal places we take for granted and find comfort in too. Home Sweet Home becomes a haunted house and the mythologized danger zone in the neighborhood. The coworker goes about his business without causing a stir until after hours when his true business works overtime to hide his terrible secret. Recluses and shut-ins find a way to get out of their mothers’ basements to pursue the lives they never had.

​ We all have a soft spot for cannibals… in their bellies! Which ones can we stomach?