The Batman: It Took 80 Takes to Capture the Final Scene Between The Dark Knight & The Riddler, Matt Reeves Reveals

Paul Dano’s Riddler left Gotham City in ruins. Director Matt Reeves’ The Batman was the first DC film to feature Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight, and Bruce Wayne came face-to-face with a trio of his most well-known villains. But Paul Dano’s sinister take on The Riddler was a cut above. Reeves recently described Dano as “indefatigable,” meaning someone who is persistently tireless, and that quality is reflected in his work ethic when making the latest take on Batman. In fact, it took two days and somewhere close to 80 takes for the final confrontation between Batman and Riddler to be filmed.

​ The Batman’s unforgettable, final scene between Paul Dano’s Riddler and Battinson took two days and 80 takes to perfect. 

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