The 10 Best Disney Channel Original Sports Movies

Sports are a large part of growing up. They help to create friendships, create teamwork opportunities, and give athletes a sense of responsibility. It gears competitive nature into something productive, whether it is beating the other team, or proving one’s own capabilities. Over the years, Disney Channel Original Movies have covered various topics, from musicals to portraying the life of the average high school student. But, along the way, Disney Channel also placed a lot of emphasis on sports, and how sports fit into the main character’s life. Many of the sports films highlighted a similar plot device, mostly discussing how the main character feels pressured into the storyline or activity the film designed, only to break out and stand up for themselves and their desires later.

​ From basketball to wrestling, snowboarding, and martial arts, the Disney Channel has a large library of sports movies. But, which are the 10 best?