No One Will Save You Director Brian Duffield Takes a Big Leap with His New Alien Thriller

It’s not an accident that Brian Duffield has become one of the most sought-after writer/producer/directors today. The man is known for mashing up genres and pushing the limits, especially when it comes to intense thrillers and even campy outings such as Cocaine Bear, which Duffield produced and Elizabeth Banks directed for Universal. In his latest outing, No One Will Save You, Duffield delivers an intense, creepy thriller about a harrowing home invasion. This is not your garden-variety home invasion, however, where a mysterious character hunts down a victim. It’s an alien invasion, folks, and one young woman, Brynn Adams (Kaitlyn Dever of Justified and Booksmart) must fight for her life.

​ Brian Duffield on his gripping new extraterrestrial home invasion film and why he hopes it packs a punch. 

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