Money Heist Prequel Berlin: What to Expect

Most often than not, the death of a character in a story marks the end of their journey. But Money Heist’s (La Casa de Papel) Andrés de Fonollosa aka Berlin is not one of them. In the upcoming spin-off series, Berlin, we’ll see the con man’s journey before he became a part of The Professor’s gang. It is fair to say that when Netflix’s popular series ended in 2021 after five nail-biting seasons of powerful characters and a gripping narrative (not to mention the mind-blowing cinematography) it left a huge hole for fans. We wanted more, especially of this one character, who seems to be hated and loved at the same time. And that’s why the franchise returns with a new series featuring Berlin as the protagonist, telling the story of who and what he was before we saw him in Money Heist. Titled after the popular character, the all-new series serves as a prequel to the events of Money Heist.

​ Before La Casa de Papel, there was Berlin! Here’s everything you need to know about the Money Heist prequel series.