‘Miranda’s Victim’ Trailer – Abigail Breslin Stars in Courtroom Drama

One of the compelling aspects of the true crime genre lies in its ability to shine the spotlight on broader societal issues and in some cases highlight deficiencies within the justice system. This often catalyzes reforms aimed at closing loopholes that might otherwise allow criminals to evade accountability. A prime example of this phenomenon will be presented in the upcoming crime drama, Miranda’s Victim, based on real events that transpired in the early 1960s. The said events revolve around the kidnapping and sexual assault of 18-year-old Trish Weir at the hands of Ernesto Miranda. Vertical has today released a first-look trailer at the thriller teasing what to expect.

​ The first trailer for Miranda’s Victim sees Abigail Breslin, Emily VanCamp, Luke Wilson, and Andy Garcia in the harrowing courtroom drama. 

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