Keke Jabbar Is ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s’ Newest Villain

The brand of Love & Marriage: Huntsville has gone from promoting successful Black families to celebrating extreme family dysfunction. The series began with three successful families working together to on real estate investment and construction. It wasn’t long before audiences realized the drama within each family unit was much juicier than the front the couples attempted to push with their business endeavors. Star couple Melody and Martel Holt dominated trending headlines on gossip blogs for the first five seasons of the show as their #PowerCouple persona unraveled into a painful divorce by way of an illegitimate child and mud-slinging child custody battle. The last two seasons of the reality show have showcased Melody turning her pain into power while Martel has focused on changing his buzzwords from womanizing philanderer to responsible father. Martel may have been granted a reprieve this season by Keke Jabbar’s presence on the show.

​ Between Keke being an adversary of her own cousin and choosing to side with others, the Love & Marriage: Huntsville star isn’t faring well with fans. 

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