‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 1’s Best Character Is Claudia

AMC is quickly becoming the home of popular fantasy author Anne Rice‘s many acclaimed works. Following the success of Interview With the Vampire Season 1 starring Jacob Anderson as Louis du Pointe du Lac and Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncourt, Alexandra Daddario then led Mayfair Witches, both of which have been renewed for Season 2. While all the characters in Interview With the Vampire are quite interesting and add to the story in their own way, Claudia (played by Bailey Bass) is in many ways the best. It’s one thing to be given immortality in an adult body, but it’s another entirely to be eternally trapped in the body of a child. Unlike her counterpart in Anne Rice’s novel or in the 1994 film adaptation, the new AMC series aged Claudia up from a young child to a teen in a somewhat controversial move — but this choice has ultimately led to Claudia becoming one of the most complex and engaging characters in the show.

​ Season 1 of Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire’s best character is Claudia. 

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