Beetlejuice 2 Director Reveals Michael Keaton ‘Had No Burning Desire’ to Reprise the Titular Role

As news of Beetlejuice 2 started to circulate, a visible blend of excitement and apprehension began to build up. Would it mirror the cherished, darkly comedic roots that enthralled audiences more than three decades ago? In the eye of this swirling storm of expectations, none other than Michael Keaton found himself grappling with a whirlpool of hesitancy before reprising his legendary role as the zany afterlife inhabitant, Beetlejuice. A shimmer of hope sparked in the hearts of the die-hard enthusiasts years ago, when whispers surfaced about Keaton showcasing a certain willingness to traverse the quirky realms of the Beetlejuice universe once more. Yet, as the sands of time sifted ceaselessly, a notable reluctance shadowed Keaton’s initial fervor. The idea of returning to the spectral madness of the “ghost with the most” seemed to waver in the realms of uncertainty.

​ Beetlejuice maestro Tim Burton shared Michael Keaton’s journey from reluctance to triumphant return for the long-awaited sequel. 

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