‘Archie’ Review — An Unforgiving Look Into Cary Grant’s Life

Cary Grant was one of the finest actors of his generation, with a legacy that extends well beyond his 44-year career. He is often remembered for his endearing charm, flirtatious habits, and natural comedic flair, but he is rarely the subject of scrutiny for his revolving door of wives or the “fit[s] of anger” that ultimately led to his divorce from Dyan Cannon. History often affords beloved men the benefit of rose-colored glasses, through which their difficult personalities are minimized to prop up their talents. Archie—ITV Studios’ ambitious four-part biopic series—tries to unravel the best and worst aspects of Cary Grant, with a certain degree of success. For a first attempt at tackling the aggressively private life of one of the most beloved actors of the 20th century, it’s quite impressive.

​ Jason Isaacs stars as Cary Grant in ITV’s unforgiving yet sanitized biopic series Archie that unravels both sides of the man. Read on for our review.