10 Best Movies Where the Woman Saves the Man

Throughout history, the film industry has installed several stereotypes, cliches, and gender roles that remain fixed in the audience’s minds thanks to the thousands of productions that premiere year after year. Among the most common ones is the “boy-saves-girl” dynamic, where a male character performs some kind of feat, no matter how difficult, in order to save a female character, who plays the role of the damsel in distress. For a very long time, the hero roles in movies were reserved exclusively for men, while women were typecast as other characters, from caregivers to romantic interests. As a matter of fact, many of us grew up watching Disney princess movies, witnessing time and time again how princes would show up to save the day, even if the woman lead had all she needed to save herself.

​ Women have long abandoned the role of damsels in distress to become movie heroines. Here are 10 movies where they save the man. 

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